During the museum’s research it was found that language sometimes limits the dissemination of information. This is because some people do not understand the language or are dyslexic and therefore do not receive the information in writing. This problem is more evident in the experience of some small museums.

Therefore, this project attempts to translate text into graphic language to help non-native English speaking visitors understand the small museum better and at the same time achieve the goal of increasing the visibility of the small museum.

Take the The viktor wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine art & Natural History as an example. The project translated the story of the museum’s most iconic character, its mascot, from words to images and brought it back to the museum in the form of a pop-up book. This helps non-native English speakers, or those who have difficulty reading large amounts of text, to quickly and easily understand the heart of the museum. At the same time, the project took the key elements of the museum and combined them with the mascot to create the museum’s own logo. To attract more attention to the museum.

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