The boundaries of language are the boundaries of the world. Wittgenstein believes that the essence of language is a world-wide game, that is, language only makes sense when it is used.

With the development of contemporary internet technology, the language symbol ‘Emojis’ has become a collective language that circulates throughout society without any translation, and it has become a “Tower of Babel” in modern pop culture and social media.

The collective ‘weaving of language’ needs to generate narratives in practice. I put Emojis as language materials into the “House of Cards” game for use, allowing participants of different languages to use only Emojis to narrate and communicate in this game, and collaborate to complete the construction of the “Tower of Babel”.

This project takes inspiration from the idea of language games, using the format of games to explore and interrogate how we communicate, and trys to explore the possibilities of Emojis as a shared language. Of course, “House of Cards” is only one of the versions of the language game to celebrate the grand ceremony of “Modern Babel”. The “language game” still continues, and you are always welcome to participate in this barrier-free carnival !

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