Have you ever had that experience?

When you close your eyes the previous experiences come into your mind, you often regret your behaviour. After an argument with someone, you may feel resentful and sad over and over again about the situation, wishing there was a perfect solution. You know you can’t change the results of these things, but you still can’t get rid of them.

You may be aware of the negative effects this is having on you, but you can’t do anything about it.

As a person with personal experiences, rumination is excessive introspection, which bring people a lot of troubles. I am clearly aware that it is unnecessary to constantly think about something in many cases, but I think this mode of thinking is difficult to change completely, so, I hope I can show it in my own way. I visualised the ruminate thinking process, even use multiple sensory to make people feeling more strongly. To be able to let people who have same problems with me to face it and accept it, even let other people try to understand this feeling, it does has healing effect to us.

So, follow me. Just chewing.

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