Inner Critic: Responding to The Inner Critical Voice

When we feel anxious, depressed or guilty, what is the truth behind these emotions?

Emotions have substantial influences on the cognitive process in humans, including perception, attention, and problem-solving. When we talked about negative emotions, is it only a kind of feeling? Or is there any science or intelligence behind anxiety, guilt and depression? Can human explore their negative emotions through the method of design?

This project started with the self-torturing question of why I am so fucking anxious and tried to answer this question through making and practising. Situated in the area of psychology, psychoanalysis and mind philosophy, this project can be divided into two parts: framing and designing. The first part is a question-oriented journey of self-exploration, which moved through a process of literature review, video documentation, self-interviews, filming, and finally revealing the true nature of anxiety, Inner Critic. The second part of the project focuses on the audio-visualisation of the inner critic. The designer experimented with the audio and visual shapes of thought and wrote an apology letter from the position of the inner critic.

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