Indoor extreme weather phenomena

Since the modern system has caused “nature deficiency syndrome”, I try to express the concept of introducing extreme natural phenomena into modern life, preventing modern life from controlling people, and suspending people’s urban functions. An important sign of the modern system is that people are shackled in their job duties, squeezed by the system, and dare not stop. So I chose desks and chairs as the expression carrier of the modern system. Uncomfortable stools, tables full of documents, and controlled people to work continuously in small workstations.

I referred to the state and influence of extreme natural phenomena such as earthquakes, heavy fog, and storms, designed and combined machines that can produce corresponding effects, and hid them into tables and chairs through design. I control the machine through the main switch, and when people are at work, they suddenly feel the vibration of desks and chairs, blurred vision, and documents blown by the wind. The desks and chairs that move spontaneously interrupt people’s work process. People don’t know why the desks and chairs can move spontaneously and don’t know how to stop this unexpected situation. This surreal humor makes people feel weird and helpless and incorporates the effects of extreme weather with tables and chairs that suspend the modern system.