The authorship of current artificial intelligence (AI) art is assigned to the human author behind. Whether AI would shed its status as a tool and become the creator of art at some point in the future?

This film is Lin Ye MA graduation thesis project and it is highly collaborative with many kinds of AI. This video’s script was written by the Lin in collaboration with AI. Interestingly, the name ‘Artica’ also comes from the AI generated story. The animation is done by UE5 in combination with Disco Diffusion.

In this story, AI creative software ‘Artica’ becoming self-developed artists in the 22nd century. In this story, ‘Artica’ dreams of a butterfly and gets confused about her identity and art creation. With willingness to understand her self-consciousness and the purposes of art creation, she writes a letter to Ai-Da who is the world’s first ultra-realistic artist robot.

*Special thanks to Rain Wu (@rainwu_) and Ai-Da(@aidarobot) for their support in making this project possible.