It seems that women cause many errors, and even the language is full of such messages. For example, Chinese words such as “奸(rape),” “妓prostitute” and “婪(greed)” are all insulting words that are associated with “女(women).” Even in some historical stories or comments about people, women are often spoken of negatively. It seems that women are naturally negative beings. In the Chinese language, the male gender is the norm, and male speech is the standard and subject.

In contrast, the female language is only a subordinate or variant, with female nouns developing in a derogatory sense and male nouns in a positive mind. Sexism and symbolic violence against women in the Chinese language affects human thinking and consciousness. How does the social stigmatization of women come about? With this question in mind, the project explores. Perhaps the stigmatization of women results from the constant association of insulting words with women. But the reasons for all this are hard to prove.

Is it possible to rethink through visual design whether women are responsible for the stigmatization of women?

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